Proteomic Laboratory focus on the development of protein-based bioproducts. We are interested in protein as biocatalys for agro-industry, such as Carbohydrate Acting Enzymes. In other hand, We also interested in the development of protein therapeutics and biology targets. We use several techniques to achieve our goals, including bioinformatics, biology molecular, protein engineering, and bioprocess as well.


a. Protein Engineering
– Development of Peptide Inhibitors to Accelerate Gingival Injury Healing Process
– Development of Bacteria Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes as Enzybiotic for Anti-Mycobacteria (anti tuberculosis and anti leprae)

b. Molecular Enzymology and Technology
– Enzyme application for Enzymatic degradation of biomass waste, Enzymatic degradation of pestiside
– Genetic and Protein engineering
1. Exploration genes encoded enzyme from Indonesia isolates for biodegradation of lignocelluloses
2. Development of suitable hosts (E. coli, Saccaromyces cereviseae, Bacillus) for efficient production of protein recombinants

Saccaromyces cereviseae

c. Development of Nanotechnology-based Biocatalysts (Nano-biocatalyst)
– The development of heterogeneous catalysts from nanoparticles immobilised enzymes

d. Bioinformatics (Bioinformatics)
– Protein design (computational and directed evolution) for improving their properties