1. International Collaboration:
    The 6th annual meeting at SEARCA, Philippines in 2019


  2. National Collaboration:
    Product Research and Utilization Community service
    Fermentation Industry Farmer groups in the target villages
    Fertilizer industry Farmer group
    Chicken animal feed industry Penggerak PKK
  3. Biocreate products that have been made by the Group of Applied Microbiology Research and Biological Resources Technology


    Biocleanoil to degrade hydrocarbon waste in polluted environment

    Bio-nata and Bio-yoghurt


    Bionata (left) to make a nata product; Bioyoghurt (right) to make a yoghurt


    Biofertilizer to fertilize a soil and increase a plant productivity

  4. Community Service
    Year Topic Location
    2017 Science and technology for community, improving the productivity of santri group on mushroom cultivation Jemirahan Village, Jabon, Sidoarjo
    2017 Making of organic fertilizer workshop Karangdowo Village, Sumberrejo, Bojonegoro
    2016 Households organic waste composting by decomposer microbes workshop Rewwin Housing, Sidoarjo
    2015 Making of liquid organic fertilizer for farmer group Prayungan Village, Sumberrejo, Bojonegoro