The Applied Microbiology and Bioresource Technology Group, the Center for Research Center for Bio-Molecule Engineering (BIOME), Airlangga University is engaged in research and development related to the exploration and utilization of microorganisms in Indonesia in various fields such as agriculture, food and environmental preservation. This laboratory is used for academic purposes, services, and production of research results. Activities related to the academic field are research by lecturers, S1, S2, S3, and internship students. Research activities carried out include, microbial exploration, microbial potential testing, microbial application testing in various fields, product formulation, confirmation of microbial status, and microbial culture storage. While the services offered by the research group are identification of microorganisms, biosurfactant analysis, fertilizer analysis, bio-monitoring analysis of environmental pollution, anti-microbial analysis, and analysis of the food industry. Products that have been produced, namely Bio-clean, Bio-fertilizer, Biosurfactant, and Bio-nata. The Applied Microbiology and Bioresource Technology Group is an integral part of the Research Center for BIOME, especially in the field of development of biological molecular platforms and production systems.