Our research focuses on the bioactive molecular exploration and synthesis research group focuses on the exploration of natural compound substances and organic synthesis. We are interested in exploring secondary metabolites from endemic plants in Indonesia based on ethnopharmacological knowledge and tested their biological activity. In addition, we also undertake research in the field of organic synthesis, specifically the synthesis of heterocyclic rings and derivatization or modification of secondary metabolite compounds to enhance their biological activity.


A. Exploration of Bioactive Compounds

  • Exploration and evaluation of non-timber forest products (NTFPs) based on ethnopharmacology.
  • Extraction methods and phytochemical screening (Quantitative and Qualitative)  includes TPC (Phenol) and TFC (Flavonoids)
  • Isolation of secondary metabolites from medicinal plants using chromatography techniques 
  • Enzymatic inhibitory activity for antidiabetic and kinetics of the mechanism from Natural Products
  • Development of natural products for cosmetic potential through anti-melanogenesis (Tyrosinase)
  • Antioxidant (ABTS, DPPH and CUPRAC) as well

B. Synthesis of Bioactive Compounds

  • Development of heterocyclic ring synthesis methods, especially pyrimidines and their analogues
  • Synthesis of derivatives of natural compounds and derivatization of natural compounds
  • Synthesis of enzyme substrate and sensor molecules
  • Cytotoxicity Test